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Pet Lizards

The practice of keeping lizards as pets has become very popular in recent years. It is not so uncommon to see chameleons, geckos and iguanas as household pets rather than, or as well as, the more traditional dog or cat. However, before adopting a lizard as a pet, it is a good idea to research just how much care and special accommodations these reptiles require.

our stock roomThe iguana has proven to be one of the most popular lizards to adopt as a pet. These beautiful animals can grow to lengths of up to four feet (and sometimes more!). Additionally, they can be very temperamental in nature at times and even dangerous if they decide to attack with the snap of their large, long tail. Iguanas prefer warm, humid environments and require a special cage that is readily secured in order to keep them safe and contained. Generally, a warming rock and an ultraviolet light is needed so that they can bask in the heat (and artificial sun light). Iguanas eat insects such as mealworms, crickets, and earthworms but will also snack on fruits and vegetables as well.

Chameleons are a popular lizard as well, but are smaller than the iguana. Chameleons grow to about 12 inches in length and many people like them as pets due to their beautiful markings and ability to change colors. Unlike most other pets, handling chameleons is quite stressful to them so they are best left alone as much as possible. They are also not fond of a glass terrarium, as they require plenty of air. A good enclosure for a chameleon is a mesh-covered wooden rectangular structure. They like to climb on natural substances so tree branches and plenty of foliage in their cages are recommended as well. Also, like iguanas, chameleons enjoy an ultraviolet light source for at least ten to twelve hours per day. However, this UV lamp should be placed carefully as chameleons do not tolerate temperatures above 32 degrees Celcius well.

There are other types of lizards that can be taken as pets as well, including skinks, bearded dragons, geckos and monitor lizards; each of them have their own care idiosyncrasies. Use great care in your decision to adopt a lizard as a pet and always be diligent in their feeding, housing, and other accommodations and you can have a pet that will be a friend for years to come.

Swell have a wealth of knowledge about keeping lizards as pets, ask one of our lizard experts which reptile would be best for you.

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