Habistat Day / Night Pulse-Proportional Thermostat 600w

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  • Day / Night Pulse-Proportional Thermostat 600w
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Product Information

Best used with a Habitat Night-Eye, the Habistat Pulse Proportional Thermostat Day/Night gives you the ability not just to maintain a constant temperature in your reptile vivarium or terrarium, but set a night time temperature to reduce heat levels to, therefore replicating your reptile's natural environment more exactly.

Perfect for use with ceramic heaters and other non-light emitting heat sources (but not suitable for heat lights and glass spot lamps), Habistat Pulse Proportional thermostats accurately monitor the temperature in your reptile's home and adjust the frequency of the energy pulses to your heating equipment accordingly, allowing you to accurately maintain the right heat.

At night, they have a temperature drop facility operated either by a timer or a Habistat Night-Eye light sensor (not included), simulating a natural Day/Night cycle, making it perfect for nocturnal reptiles like leopard geckos.

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  • Pulse Proportional thermostat
  • Day and night settings
  • Can be used with a timer or a Habistat Night Eye
  • Suitable for ceramic heaters and heat mats
  • 600w capability
  • 5 year guarantee

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Wattage
Habistat Day / Night Pulse-Proportional Thermostat 600w 5 Years 600w

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