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  • Chameleon Bronze Starter Kit
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Product Information

The Chameleon Bronze Flexarium Kit is designed to help you make the ideal home for an adult Yemon/Veiled Chameleon.

The Veiled Chameleon, or Yemen Chameleon, is naturally found in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They are arboreal lizards, spending the majority of their lives in tree tops.

We recommend a mesh flexarium (rather that a glass terrarium for humidity, or a wooden vivarium for insulation) for the Yemen chameleon because they don't need a lot of humidity and the mesh surround stops them feeling stressed. They hardly ever drink and don't like standing water so for that reason we don't include a water bowl, preferring instead a water dripper.

The kit not only contains everything you need to make a home for your reptile, it also saves you nearly £90 on the large kit.

Our chameleon kit is designed to replicate the tree habitats of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, so for that reason it doesn't have a high humidity (to replicate a rain forest for example) or particularly bright heat lamps (to replicate a desert for example).

What's in the bronze flexarium kit?

  • Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen Cage 40x40x76cm
  • Clamp lamp
  • Mercury Vapour Bulb
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Hygrometer
  • Two large jungle vines
  • Big Dripper (one gallon)
  • Two large artificial ficus
  • Orchid Bark (20 litre)
  • Chameleon guidebook
  • Calcium Dust

What's it all for?

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen Cage 40x40x76cm

Zoo Med Reptibreeze's reptile habitat is designed for reptiles that love to climb but don't need much humidity - therefore it's favoured by owners of chameleons and iguanas.

Wire Clamp Lamp, Mercury Vapour Bulb
To create the right habitat for your chameleon we provide a Mercury Vapour Lamp and wire clamp to protect it.

Thermometer and Digital Hygrometer
The thermometer and digital hygrometer will allow you to monitor your humidity levels.

Jungle Vine
We provide bendable jungle vines so your pet can climb around and feel at home in his natural habitat.

Big Dripper
Chameleons don't like drinking still water - they prefer to drink from waterfalls, rainwater and from dew on leaves. The Big Dripper one gallon drip water system, allows arboreal reptiles to access their water source as they would in nature. The Dripper has a folding handle lid that allows you to suspend the dripper above the enclosure.

The Ficus is a natural looking silk plant that will help your chameleon feel like he's in the jungle.

Orchid Bark
Orchid Bark is an attractive pine bark substrate that fits in with the colourful jungle environment. It also absorbs humidity and binds waste inside the terrarium. In addition it covers bad odours.


Pro Breeders - The Chameleon in Captivity

Calcium Dust
Vetark Nutrobal (100g) is our most popular and highly recommended calcium dust. It is used to 'dust' live food to correct the inadequate levels of calcium present in live insect foods such as crickets and mealworms.

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    Swell Chameleon Bronze Starter Kit
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