Zoo Med 501 Turtle Canister Filter

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  • 501 Turtle Canister Filter
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Product Information

Keep your turtle terrarium water clean with a Zoo Med 501 Canister filter at the best price from Swell Reptiles.

Each one is a small, convenient turtle canister filter for turtle tanks up to 30 gallons, using a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration to clear debris and waste from the water, keeping it cleaner, clearer and healthier for your reptile to live in.

Easy to prime to give your water the best treatment early on, features a spray bar system, filter sponges as well as the necessary biological and chemical filter media to break down bio-waste quickly and efficiently.

The Zoo Med 501 Turtle Canister Filter comes with a 2 year Guarantee as well, and you can pick up replacement sponges from Swell Reptiles at an unbeatable price too!

  • Turtle Canister Filter
  • Handles tanks up to 30 Litres
  • Biological, chemical and mechanical filtration
  • Cleans and clears water
  • 2 year guarantee

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