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Our range of reptile vivariums features the Viv Exotic range or high-quality reptile homes, catering from dry-loving reptiles of many different sizes, ranging from small 2ft wide vivariums right up to ones around 45 inches wide, with taller and deeper variants of each available too, as well as stackable vivariums for those who have developed quite a collection.

Choose from different designs such as the Repti-Home series, older Viva series vivariums as well as the new Viva + models with improved ventilation, cable wiring and door sliders.

One you have found the one for you and at the best price possible, don't forget to add some Vivarium Sealant to your basket, and after that you are good to go! We will send orders out the same day when they are placed before 2pm weekdays, for Next Working Day delivery to most UK address. 

Plenty of models come with a matching cabinet too, and when they are bought together then tend to be cheaper, so don't forget to check that out!