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SUMMER MEGA SALE prices slashed by up to 70% - SHOP NOW. >

Arcadia Basking Solar Spot

Create a warm, bright area in your reptile vivarium or terrarium

At a glance...
  • Increases ambient temperatures and emits a focused beam for intense basking
  • Includes UVA to aid well-being and colour vision
  • Provides a tight focused beam
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Grab a brand new Arcadia Basking Solar Spot Lamp at the best price here at Swell Reptiles to give your reptile a healthy dose of UVA light and infra-red warmth, helping them to thermo-regulate for better health and happiness.

Available in 50w, 75w and 100w intensities, these Arcadia Basking Solar Lamps create and intense spot of high UVA and Infra-Red rays to light up and heat up your reptile when they need to increase their body temperature. As well as helping to increase the ambient temperature in your vivarium or terrarium, you will often find your reptile basking under its' warm glow.

Made with a simple E27 screw fitting, they are easy to install and your reptile can really benefit with one placed in their habitat in conjunction with a UVB bulb for strong bone growth.

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