Reptile Systems Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamps

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Make the most of your compact reptile heating using ReptileSystems Ceramic Clamp Lamp, The inside is made of a reflective material that ensures maximum heat and light intensity, giving your reptile an increased dose for better health.


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Product Information

The ReptileSystems ceramic clamp lamp is ideal for most heat and Mercury vapour bulbs, with its E27 threaded screw fitting. With the holder being made of ceramic it will not melt like some plastic fittings would making them extra safe to use. The clamp itself is extremely robust and comes with a hard-wearing rubber grip and clamp.

There are 3 sizes available to suite smaller to bigger vivariums. Because the Clamp Lamp is available in 3 sizes, it is suitable for either larger tortoise tables or smaller glass terrariums. The smaller 140mm/5.5" and the Medium reflectors are suitable for lamps up to 75watts, whereas the larger 216mm size can take higher wattages up to 200w.

  • Multi-directional clamp.
  • Heavy gauge, highly reflective aluminum dome.
  • Heat resistant ceramic fitting.
  • Small max wattage - 75w
  • Medium max wattage - 75w
  • Large max wattage - 200w
  • E27 fitting.
  • Detachable protective mesh cover.
  • Three models available : small, medium and large.
  • In-line on/off swittch.

Each Ceramic Clamp Lamp comes with a 1 year warrenty.

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