Arcadia EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser

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This addition to Arcadias EarthPro range sees the latest discoveries and fashions coming together to improve lives of reptiles. This organic fertiliser will enhance your enclosures and improve the conditions, keeping your pet happier and healthier!


  • EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser - 3.5kg
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  • EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser - 450g
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Product Information

This addition to the ground-breaking EarthPro range is taking things to a whole new level. This soil supplement is designed to be added to a live-set up enclosure to add nutrients and food sources back for depleted custodians (springtails, woodlice, etc), as well as helping live plants to thrive.

This pack, coming in two sizes of a 450g pouch or a 3.5kg tub, can be used in rainforest or arid set ups, whether using a full drainage system or not. Simply add to the existing substrate and mix through thoroughly, allowing the organic nutrients to be spread across the enclosure.

In fact, this is so effective, it could be used in house plants, gardens, anything that needs a little Bio-Revitalising! This can be used with any bio-active or planted substrate, giving the whole environment a much-needed boost from the amino acids, minerals and volcanic rock it contains.

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