Arcadia EarthPro CalciumPro Mg 80g-450g

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Arcadia EarthPro range launches the CalciumPro Mg, a best quality calcium complete with 1 part Magnesium, meaning you have optimum health benefits for your reptile. Available in 80g and 450g pouches.


  • CalciumPro MG 450g
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Product Information

EarthPro-CalciumPro-Mg is a new replacement for your original calcium, designed to be fed frequently to your reptile. Ideally daily, pending on the species. This is a pure calcium, but combined with 1 part of Magnesium, a known additive in most aquarium coral food supplements, and known to aid in the intake of calcium for animals.

The extra magnesium ensures that your reptile has strong, firm bones .It will help to make sure that there is no chance of MBD developing, a weakness of bones in animals that do not get enough supplementation. The added 1 part of magnesium is helpful for the bones, allowing them to store and regulate the calcium in the body. This also helps with a variety of bodily health, including nerve and muscle function, blood pressure, glucose levels and also digestion.

Magnesium is an essential element in life, though previously has been missing from many supplements. This product contains Calcium Carbonate (9 parts), Magnesium Carbonate (1 part).

For ideal usage, supplement should be dusted on to live food, greens or any defrosted prey items. It can be used on every feed, and can also be placed in a single dish to be left within the enclosure for long periods of time. This will allow for reptiles to utilise as and when they feel. It should be used with a good quality up to date UVB light.

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