Arcadia EarthPro Herbi-Mix

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A great new range from Arcadia, the EarthPro mix is a nutritional supplement that is designed for any herbivores species, as a natural supplement to ensure optimum health.


  • EarthPro Herbi-Mix - 125g
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Product Information

This easy to use food sprinkle is ideal for any species, and is designed to help any herbivore with their nutritional health. Containing over twenty plant species, amoungst over one hundred other natural ingredients, this is is goodness in a bag.

Whilst containing whole leaf plants, this is a plant mix that can be fed on its own, or sprinkled over the top of vegetation. It also has a probiotic and bee pollen, meaning it will give great general health, as well as specific gut boosts too.

As with the rest of the EarthPro range, this contains zero phytic acid and is non toxic, so there is zero risk of overdosing, unlike some other supplements.

Great for tortoises, uromastyx, iguanas,... the list goes on!

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