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EarthPro ReptiGold capsules contain a shot of perfect nutrition which is ideal when mixed with a good quality diet or used as a supplemental treat. They come in an easy to use pre-measured capsule of goodness.


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Product Information

These easy to use capsules are ready to use in a great mixed diet, and are ideal for fruit, nectar or omnivorous feeders. They are made in the UK, and are completely natural, with real fruit, honey and vitamins and minerals, as well as the superfood Bee Pollen. It has been specifically designed to replicate the feeding habits from the wild, where geckos would eat fruits, nectar and lots of honey!

These can be used a special treat, or as part of their complete diet, and is ideal for Crested Geckos, Day Geckos and other omnivores as well. Simply break open the capsule and add half a capsule for small species, and a whole capsule for larger animals. It can be added to ready mix diets, such as Repashy. It could also be sprinkled on to vegetation, or mixed with a small amount of water to make a paste they can lick.

This is not a complete diet, and should only be used as a supplement alongside a good quality live and fresh diet. The food should be discarded daily, though it can be frozen in ice cube trays and then thawed and used as and when required.

Ingredients; (Real) Apple, Papaya, Honey, Calcium, Banana, Coconut Milk powder, Full spectrum mineral powder, Raspberry, Blueberry, Bee Pollen, Vitamin B complex, Aloe Powder.

Vitamin B1 10mg/kg, Vitamin B2 16mg/kg, Vitamin B6 20mg/kg, Vitamin B12 50mcg/kg, Vitamin K 6mg/kg, Nicotinic 80mg/kg, Pantothenic 40mg/kg, Folic Acid 5mg/kg. Biotin 1000mcg/kg

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    Arcadia EarthPro ReptiGold 30 capsules
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    Gecko loved it and works very well