Arcadia Euro Range Desert 10% Lamp

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Give your desert reptile the perfect amount of UVB light using this Arcadia Euro Range Desert 10% Lamp, simulating the UV light generated by the sun that your rep uses to generate vitamin D3, allowing the absorption of calcium from their diet and into a healthy skeletal system. Get it at the best prices here at Swell Uk with Next Working Day Delivery options.


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Product Information

In the wilds of the desert, your Bearded Dragon or Uromastyx will receive a huge amount of UV light from the sun, and you can simulate this with an Arcadia Euro Range Desert 10% UV Lamp. It's a strip-light style UV lamp designed to go across the entire length of your reptile vivarium, providing UV to every corner of your bearded dragon's home.

All reptiles, and especially desert reptiles need a healthy dose of UV light to be able to synthesise Vitamin D3 properly, allowing them to utilise the calcium in their diet and create and maintain strong bones. Without it, they can really suffer, so getting something like this Arcadia Euro Range Desert 10% Lamp can make a real difference.

These are a T8 Lamp - a time-tested model of fluorescent lighting that won't let you down, and this range features 5 difference sizes and wattages to ensure you get just the right amount of UV coverage for your reptile.

  • T8 Fluorescent tube strip light
  • 10% UVB content
  • Helps strong bone development
  • With the right diet, prevents MBD

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