Arcadia Guide to MBD and its Elimination in Captivity

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Arcadia's Light for Life Series of books begins with this guide to MBD and its elimination in captivity by renowned expert John Courteney-Smith. Learn about how MBD effects the health of your reptile, and what you can do to prevent it.


  • Guide to MBD and its Elimination in Captivity
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Arcadia have used their practically unparalleled wealth of reptile experience to write this excellent book - Arcadia Guide to MBD and its Elimination in Captivity.

Part of their 'Light for Life' series, this book educates the reader on the dangers of MBD, which is sadly still a prevalent problem in the captive reptile keeping world, usually attributed to inadequate UV provisions for the reptile while kept in its enclosure.

MBD stands for Metabolic Bone Disease, and many reptiles can be subject to it. Its major and minor symptoms differ between each species of reptile, but essentially it is caused by an inability for the reptile to build and maintain its bone structure properly (including the shell on tortoises and turtles), resulting in a difficulty during movement, loss of power to the limps and can in some case be fatal.

This fantastic book teaches experts and novices alike about the finer details of MBD, how it is caused, its' symptoms, and how you can use your reptile's diet, D3 cycle, lighting and shade to combat MBD so your reptile never has to suffer from it.

An essential book for keepers of reptiles who are at risk, such as Bearded dragons, tortoises, turtles, chameleons and more.

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