Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED

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Already incredibly popular with reptile keeps who have natural plants in their terrarium, this Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED is easy to use and gives of a fantastic spectrum of light, bringing out the best colours in your planted terrarium and encouraging the healthy growth of your tropical flora.


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Product Information

An innovative and versatile product from leading manufacturer Arcadia, the Jungle Dawn LED lighting system is ideal for plant growth and vibrancy. Designed to replicate sunlight as it runs at 6.5 -7 kelvin, the wavelengths of this LED system are.

The Jungle Dawn LED can be used to enhance the colours of reptiles that do not require UV, and also alongside other Arcadia UV lighting for those that do. You can really show off the natural beauty of your terrarium or other enclosure to the maximum with this exciting light source.

It is also ideal for growing Orchids or other exotic flowers. The concentrated light source ensures spectacular growth and vibrancy. A vital part of photosynthesis, the intense light from the Jungle Dawn encourages amazing results.

It emits very little heat, thanks to a solid metal heat sink, so it does not cause the enclosure to overheat or cause damage to live plants. This means the Jungle Dawn LED is both cost and energy effective as it is long lasting with a high performance.

A key feature of this light unit is that it can be rotated 300°, so that you can direct the light to a specific area for concentrated growth. The "flood" effect this creates bathes plants in light for optimum results just where you want them.

Key Features:

  • Versatile product suitable for healthy plant growth.
  • Can be used with reptiles that do not require UV, and used with UV lighting for reptiles and amphibians that do.
  • Ideal for Orchids and other exotic plants.
  • 300° rotation allows for specific direction of light.
  • Incredibly efficient, A energy rating means you can rely on long lasting and cost effective performance.
  • E27 screw fitting means the lamp can be installed in any compatible E27 lamp holder or canopy. This includes Arcadia's own range.
  • Can be used with timing devices.
  • Available in 9 or 13 watts
  • 12 month warenty

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    Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED 13 Watt
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