Arcadia Slimline T5 Vivarium Canopy 12% Desert

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Simply one of the best slim T5 vivarium canopies ever made, the Arcadia Slimline Vivarium Canopy and T5 Lamp has low running costs and a fantastic light output due to the superior nature of T5 lamps over the T8s they are replacing. Designed to dose your entire vivarium with essential UVB light for the healthy development of your reptile's skeleton.


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Product Information

The ever-popular Arcadia Slimline Vivarium Canopy and D3+ T5 Lamp provides everything you need to give desert dwelling reptiles the UVB they need to ensure good skeletal growth and maintenance.

This is a complete kit, including a switch, wires and a built-in ballast (controller) to fire up the 12% UV D3+ reptile tube inside, providing your reptile with plenty of essential UVB light to assimilate calcium correctly to keep them healthy, just like the intense natural sunlight they would receive in the wild.

The Arcadia T5 slimline design means that everything is more compact and easy to use, meaning no mess of tangled wires and electrical ballasts, just a single power cable - neat!

It features one of Arcadia's fantastic T5 reflectors, ensuring that more of your lamp's output is directed down towards you reptile, meaning that more of the electricity you pay for is put to good use and benefits your reptile.

The T5 UV 12% D3+ lamp included is perfect for desert dwelling reptiles, giving them the high level of UV light they require, and the whole unit is rate IP65 for water resistance, meaning that the odd splash from the water-bowl or a little humidity shouldn't effect the way your light unit runs.


  • 24 watt: 606 x 80 x 35mm
  • 39 watt: 910 x 80 x 35mm

At a glance:

  • Space-saving slimline design
  • Highly polished built in T5 reflector
  • Water resistant power socket
  • Capable of being used as a single light or alongside other light units
  • IP65 water resistant
  • Comes with free Arcadia D3+ T5 lamp (12% UVB) and screw removable mounting plates

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 21/11/2017 05:11am
    Arcadia Slimline Vivarium Canopy 12% T5 Lamp - 24 Watt
    Feefo Logo
    Nice compact product so no fuss, and easy to install
  • Rating
    Date 21/02/2018 18:02pm
    Arcadia Slimline Vivarium Canopy 12% T5 Lamp - 39 Watt
    Feefo Logo
    Excellent, easy to fit and wire up.
  • Rating
    Date 03/01/2018 15:01pm
    Arcadia Slimline Vivarium Canopy 12% T5 Lamp - 39 Watt
    Feefo Logo
    Great product. Great price. I love how the slimline canopy lights up the whole enclosure.