Arcadia Vivarium Canopy T5 Rainforest

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Arcadia Vivarium Canopy T5 Rainforest are perfect for lighting up terrariums with the ideal UVB radiance for the health of rainforest reptiles.


  • Vivarium Canopy 24w T5 Rainforest
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Product Information

Available from Swell Reptiles at a superb price, this Arcadia Vivarium Canopy for Rainforest reptiles features the brilliant 24w or 39w T5 lighting system to give your rainforest reptiles the right level of UV lighting they need.

Although they live in the relative shade of the rainforest canopy, rainforest reptiles like chameleons still need around 6% UVB lighting and vitamin D3 to assimilate calcium into their system, allowing them to grow and maintain a healthy skeleton, and providing your terrarium measures 60cm in width, this Arcadia Terrarium Canopy can provide just that.

Made from hardwearing and robust materials, it is waterproof and can deal with the humid atmosphere generated by your rainforest terrarium. It features a T5 6% UVB lamp already included. This T5 lamp is a bit of upgrade from the older T8 models, featuring a lower energy input and providing a stronger UV output, making your lighting system much more energy efficient.

Vivarium Canopy 24W T5 Rainforest62cm x 13cm (25" x 5")

At a glance:

  • Includes canopy and 24w T5 tube.
  • Fits on popular terrariums.
  • Provides 6% UV - ideal for rainforest reptiles.
  • Designed to sit on top of terrarium mesh.
  • Canopy is smart, sturdy and waterproof.

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    Love the canopy and it is a reasonable price