Arcadia Vivarium Canopy

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Turn your terrarium into a perfect desert habitat with this fantastic range of Arcadia Vivarium Canopies, available at the very best prices here at Swell Reptiles. Durable, reliable and with a great looking design, few would doubt that this is the way forward.


  • Vivarium Canopy 24W/60cm T5 Desert
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  • Vivarium Canopy 39W/90cm T5 Desert
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Product Information

A firm favourite with keepers of desert reptiles in terrariums, these Arcadia Vivarium canopies come kitted up with a 12% UV D3+ lamp to ensure your reptile gets all the UV they need to absorb the calcium needed for strong bones and joints.

Great for bearded dragons and other desert reptiles when conditions are safe to keep them in a terrarium rather than a vivarium, these Arcadia Vivarium Canopies come in 3 sizes to fit a range of terrariums and feature T5 fluorescent tubes.

T5 tubes are a newer design than the old T8s, and feature a higher light output as well as a lower input wattage, making the most of the electricity you pay for and turning more of it into essential UV light for your reptile.


24W/45cm Canopy: 45cm x 13cm (17.71" x 5")

24w/60cm Canopy: Dimensions: 62cm x 13cm (25" x 5")

39W/90cm Canopy: 92cm x 13cm (37" x 5")

At a glance:

  • Includes canopy and 24w T5 tube
  • Fits on 45cm terrariums
  • Provides 12% UV - ideal for desert reptiles
  • Designed to sit on top of terrarium mesh
  • Canopy is smart, sturdy and waterproof

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 29/06/2017 20:06pm
    Arcadia Vivarium Canopy 24W T5 Rainforest
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    It turned up broken, they promptly replaced it but there delivery service was shocking. Rude delivery man.
  • Rating
    Date 18/01/2015 18:01pm
    Arcadia Vivarium Canopy 24W/60cm T5 Desert
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    This product turned up in perfect condition and looks great!