Arcadia Vivarium Moonlight LED system

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Add some wonderful night/day dynamics to your reptile habitat with this Arcadia Vivarium Moonlight LED system. Using LEDS means you use less energy, but can light up your reptile home with a brilliant moonlight effect when the sun goes down.


  • Moonlight LED system
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Product Information

You can get a great view of your nocturnal reptiles at night and let them enjoy a more natural environment with an Arcadia Vivarium Moonlight LED system, which simulates moonlight for your reptile and doesn't emit heat so it won't mess with your reptile's delicate day/night cycle.

By using an LED system like this Arcadia Moonlight unit, you have a better chance of saving yourself money in the long run with your reptile lighting. LED's are far more energy efficient than even most of the best fluorescent lighting, converting more of the energy used into light rather than heat - essential for making nocturnal reptiles comfortable. They have a much longer lifespan too, up to 10x as long in some cases!

Low voltage, long lasting and non-heat-emitting, the eerie glow of these LED's help simulate a stunning nocturnal environment for your reptile.

The LED is perfectly safe to be used with fog, mister and rain systems. It can be angled forwards and provides a steady floodlight. LED lights are low voltage, cheap to run and have a great bulb life, when compared with fluorescent tubes.

At a glance:

  • Moonlight glow for night time viewing
  • Low voltage
  • Cheap to run
  • No heat
  • Long lasting

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    Date 25/02/2017 09:02am
    Arcadia Moonlight LED system
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    Many thanks does what it says
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    Date 24/12/2014 13:12pm
    Arcadia Moonlight LED system
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    does the job
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    Date 17/01/2016 08:01am
    Arcadia Moonlight LED system
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    Great product doesn't bother my crested gecko but allows me to watch her on a night time
  • Rating
    Date 01/07/2015 09:07am
    Arcadia Moonlight LED system
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    Brilliant products and speedy delivery