Beaphar Cricket Feed

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Beaphar Cricket Feed is a blend of gel-like complete cricket food that makes providing your crickets and other feeder insects easy. It contains a highly nutritious blend of ingredients that are hygienic and ideal for helping to product healthy, well-fed crickets. And because it is gel based it also removes the danger of the insects drowning, as can occur with wet products.


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Product Information

Your reptile eats what its' livefood eats, so cricket food like Beaphar Cricket Feed is essential not only for giving your crickets a good standard of life and making them last longer, but for giving your reptile the full level of nutrition they should get from their crickets.

Beaphar Cricket feed comes in a gel format, and consists of a blend of ingredients to give your crickets a complete meal. Because it comes as a gel, it is easily eaten and digested but your crickets can't drown in it.

At a glance:

  • Nutritious and hygienic
  • Removes risk of crickets drowning
  • Suitable for use with crickets and all other feeder insects

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