Biopod TERRA

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Biopod TERRA is the next level of the biopod, with a larger environment which can house terrestrial species, as well as a large volume of live plants, for a fantastic visual display in your home. This allows for you to keep a small group of a smaller species, giving them the perfect environment. The Biopods will be available from Swell mid 2017 and Swell will be the first online suppliers to stock the range. If you would like to pre order any of the Biopod range, please call the team on 0161 351 4700.


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Product Information

The Biopod TERRA is larger version of their starter unit, the Biopod ONE. This includes all the same great features, allowing you to dictate every aspect of your reptiles world, ensuring that the ventilation, heating, lighting, humidity and temperature are specifically what you set, controlled through their specific designed app.

The app for the Biopod is available on both IOS and Android. It ties in to the HD video, meaning you can monitor your enclosure from anywhere, including a fantastic time lapse function. This means you can enjoy (and show off!) your set up at all times, keeping an eye on the inhabitants. The app also allows you to control the settings manually to create the ideal set up, using the integrated sensor which delivers feedback continuously with readings from the temperatures, humidity, rainfall and ventilation, so you have the optimal conditions required. All of this is also backed up to the Biopod Cloud, which analyzes all the information you've set to ensure its correct as well.

The Biopod itself is Wi-Fi connected, ensuring all details are accessible to the app and Cloud, as well as the HD camera. It includes integrated heating, air injection for for advanced ventilation, and a misting system, literally providing everything you could need.

Lighting is another step forward in this ground breaking enclosure, provided from a UVB Diode, which is compact to fit in the unit, but emits enough UVB to replicate the suns output, providing your reptile the required Vitamin D for growth and health support. Also included is a sunlight panel with 14 LEDS, which helps to match as closely as possible to the natural sunlight spectrum, providing 5000K colour temperatuer and a high PAR of 502, meaning that plants can not only grow, but really thrive in here.

Tank dimensions - (L x W x H) 62.61 x 38.10 x 35.56 cm

Max Water Depth - 5.57cm

Max Water Volume - 13.25l

Total Volume - 85.17l

Dry Weight - 15.75kg

Power Consumption - 26.4w

Maximum Temperature Capability - 12 - 15C above ambient

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