Biorb AIR Coir Brick

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The BiOrb AIR Coir Brick is ideal for the BiOrb AIR terrarium, providing you with top quality Coir substrate packed into a compact Brick.


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  • AIR 60 Coir Brick
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Product Information

The AIR Coir Brick comes in a recommended size for both the AIR 30, and the AIR 60. This is ideal for cultivating live plants within your terrarium, especially when used with the BiOrb AIR Capillary Matting, meaning you can provide the right nutrients and environment to really help plants to thrive and create the feature you really want.

This sterilised compost is designed for use as growth medium, and the larger AIR 60 Brick can expand to 6l volume of coir when wet. Just set up your AIR, with the Capillary Matting on the bottom, then place your Coir Brick into water to allow it to break down, then put the loose Coir compost into the AIR terrarium.

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