Biorb AIR Filter Cartridge

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The replacement Filter Cartridge for the BiOrb AIR terrariums, available in both 30 and 60 model sizes.


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  • AIR 60 Filter Cartridge
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Product Information

These Filter Cartridges are easy to replace to ensure optimum air quality within your BiOrb AIR, using the contained carbon to neutralise bad odours from inside the AIR. Available in both 30 and 60 model sizes to suit your BiOrb, these are recommended to be replaced every 4 - 6 months, alongside carrying out regular maintenance, ensuring the terrarium is clear and clean.

The AIR Filter Cartridges include activated carbon inside, which is perfect for neutralising smells, but does have a limited lifespan, so will need replacing periodically, or you may see a deteriation to your live plants within.

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