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Biorb AIR Rockwood Ornaments

Complete your BiOrb with rockwood ornaments

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  • Rockwood ornaments for BiOrb
  • Incredibly realistic artificial design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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The Rockwood Ornaments provide a natural effect of real wood, but are in fact a synthetic resin which is easy to clear and light weight, and safe for plants, reptiles and amphibians. Available in four designs, these will all fit through the small BiOrb AIR opening, and add depth and variety to your enclosure, especially effective if you have live plants in there too.

Rockwood Neck: 185mm x 158mm x 250mm

Rockwood Trunk: 192mm x 110mm x 245mm

Rockwood Bird: 190mm x 145mm x 216mm

Rockwood Spire: 190mm x 145mm x 216mm

Whilst designed for the BiOrb AIR Range, these can be used in any aquatic or reptile set up, and provide an easy to clean and natural looking piece of "wood", that comes without the risk of buying online when you don't know what shape or size you might actually get with a real natural piece.

BiOrb also have the Spire and Bird shape available as a Bogwood effect piece.

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