Biorb AIR White 60

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The Biorb AIR (this model in WHITE) is perfect for insects such as praying Mantis. It features 6 powerful LEDS to light up your spherical terrarium from the inside - well lit bubble of biodiversity in your own home. Easy to maintain, they are sold at the best prices here at Swell Reptiles.


  • AIR White 60
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Product Information

The clever LED light incorporates six high power LEDs arranged in a circular array at the top of the biOrb AIR. This light array enables plants to grow naturally and not bend as they would to a single light source, using just 4.2w of power. The light intensity stimulates natural daylight so the biOrb AIR can be located anywhere.

A silent, continuously running fan draws clean fresh air into the micro-climate through a replaceable carbon filter. This fresh air is circulated within the biOrb AIR and then expelled via the filter as clean air into the atmosphere.

An accurate sensor that detects when the humidity is dropping and automatically turns on the water vapour misting system to maintain a preset 75% humidity.

The biOrb AIR is so easy to maintain - just add Humidimist water to top up the misting reservoir whenever necessary. The lights will flash to let you know when a top up is required. Everything else is automatic!

Moisture is drawn up from the base water reservoir. This controls the amount of moisture being absorbed by the compost and prevents plant root saturation and rotting.

Dimensions: 57cm high x 51.2cm diameter

Instruction Manual can be downloaded here

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