BiOrb Earth Bark Decoration

A brilliant decoration for arboreal terrariums

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  • Incredible arboreal decorations for terrariums
  • Versatile design for hiding food
  • A variety of sizes to choose from
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This beautiful piece of bark decor gives any BiOrb setup a natural look. Cresties love feeding on it.

What are BiOrb Earth Bark Decorations?

BiOrb Earth Bark Decorations are a range of terrarium ornaments that look spectacular in arboreal enclosures displaying the high-quality workmanship and design of artist Samuel Baker. Designed to look like features typically found in jungle environments, these ornaments are ideal for stimulating your pet, you can even hide food in them for your pet to discover. The BiOrb Earth Bark Decorations come in a small and large sizes to suit all reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

Why should I buy BiOrb Bark Decorations?

By doubling as food hiding spots and stimulating your reptiles, these ornaments display a lot of versatility. However, the best thing about BiOrb Bark Decorations is that they look fantastic, displaying the natural minimalism that BiOrb is famed for. This range has been specially created by BiOrb to complement the BiOrb Earth 125 smart terrarium, so if you’re already planning out a BiOrb these will make a great addition.

Will the BiOrb Bark Decorations by artist Samuel Baker go in an aquarium?

Yes, all of these decorations have been treated to withstand aquarium water and will sit neatly in any BiOrb aquarium or other aquariums. Aquatic life often likes to investigate the nooks and crannies of the bark and can even use them for egg-laying. If you are breeding fish, the ornaments can be quickly removed from your main tank and added to a fry tank for breeding. The BiOrb decoration adds a new ambience to an aquarium and will blend in seamlessly with other natural plant life and other BiOrb decoration, like the BiOrb Fungus range.

Does this range include the BiOrb Fungus decorations?

No, the BiOrb Bark Decorations do not include the BiOrb Fungus range however they feature an exclusive design that complements the BiOrb Fungus range and will create a consistent ambience that decorations from third parties won't when paired with BiOrb Fungus items. Both decorations are perfect for adding to a BiOrb aquarium or terrarium. Can I use BiOrb Bark Decorations in my enclosure? Of course, while this range has been designed with the BiOrb Earth 125 in mind it is also suitable for any terrarium or vivarium. The ornaments will sit comfortably in both arid and humid climates, providing endless stimulation for your pet.



Material Resin
Suitable for plants? No


Model Dimensions
BiOrb Bark Large L:13.8 x W:11.5 x H:33.2cm
BiOrb Bark Small L:22.7 x W:7.5 x H:0.6cm
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