BiOrb Earth Bee Hive Root

Natural vivarium ornament for arid enclosures

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  • Natural ornament that encourages reptiles to bask
  • Suitable for desert and other vivariums types
  • Easy to clean
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This exquisite piece of natural decor will complete your BiOrb and is beloved by Dart Frogs.

What is the BiOrb Earth Bee Hive Root?

The BiOrb Earth Bee Hive Root is a vivarium decoration for both humid and arid enclosures. Featuring vertical branches and holes, this ornament is ideal for reptiles who love to rest and bask under their spot lamps. The Bee Hive vivarium ornament is made for reptile-safe resin and is very easy to clean.

What are the benefits of this vivarium ornament?

The Bee Hive vivarium ornament adds a natural look to your enclosure. It is perfect for adding plants into the beehives as it will play to your reptile's natural instincts to explore. This ornament also creates the ideal basking spot for your reptile keeping them healthy, happy and stimulated.

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W:15.5 x H:15 x L39.5cm



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