BiOrb Earth Desert Sand

Arid loose substrate for low humidity reptile, amphibian and invertebrate enclosures

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  • Loose sand substrate for arid terrariums
  • High quality, desert sand
  • Superb substrate for burrowing animals
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This substrate is easy to clean and manage.

What is BiOrb Earth Desert Sand?

Oase BiOrb Earth Desert Sand is a superb substrate for arid enclosures. The fine sand is a brilliant heat conductor and loose enough to allow reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates to burrow into it with ease. It’s made up of 100% natural sand, bringing all the rich minerals your pet would be exposed to in the wild into your vivarium. This sand substrate is sold in 5kg plastic-free bags, plenty to line most small and medium terrariums.

Why should I buy Oase BiOrb Earth Desert Sand?

If you have any burrowing desert-dwelling animals they will adore this sand. The sand encourages natural burrowing behaviour and, as it’s 100% natural, it recreates their home habitat perfectly. If you have a BiOrb vivarium this sand is particularly well-matched as it was specifically designed for the smart terrarium. Choose this sand for an easy to clean substrate that offers everything your reptile needs in order to unwind.

Can I use this substrate in my terrarium to create a natural environment?

Of course, while this substrate was designed to line BiOrb terrariums, it will still offer your pet plenty of comfort and burrowing opportunities in any terrarium.





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