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BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark

Loose substrate for high humidity reptile, amphibian and invertebrate enclosures

At a glance...
  • Versatile substrate for high humidity terrariums
  • High quality, rich bark mulch
  • Superb substrate for burrowing animals
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This is a brilliant substrate for snakes, they love burrowing through it and exploring it.

What is BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark?

BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark is a high-quality versatile substrate, specially designed to enrich both moist and arid enclosures, suiting most reptiles. The dry bark mulch can be used as either a substrate topper or a full substrate on its own to encourage burrowing behaviours in most reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The substrate comes in a 5kg plastic-free bag, which is plenty for most small and medium terrariums.

Why should I buy BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark?

BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark is the perfect choice for any terrarium housing a burrowing animal, whether it’s an inquisitive snake or some helpful bioactive custodians. The loose mulch is easy to dig through and move around, recreating the surface of a forest floor and making many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates feel more at home.

Can I use BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark in my terrarium?

Yes, you can, even though the BiOrb Earth Jungle Bark was specially designed for the BiOrb Earth 125 and other BiOrb terrariums it can still be used in any type of terrarium or vivarium.





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