BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls

The ideal substrate topper for BiOrb Earth Jungle Mix

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  • Loose drainage substrate for moist enclosures
  • High quality, absorbent clay balls
  • Designed for use with BiOrb Earth Jungle Mix
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This substrate is an absolute lifesaver, it creates brilliant drainage, keeping toads and frogs happy.

What are BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls?

BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls are a naturally loose and porous substrate for high humidity terrariums. Due to their loose structure, these clay balls allow water to filter down to the bottom of your terrarium and create a reservoir, which will help to produce humidity and moisture in your enclosure. BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls are not designed to be used on their own as a substrate and should be combined with another high humidity substrate, such as BiOrb Earth Jungle Mix. This substrate is sold in plastic-free 2l bags.

Why should I buy BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls?

Drainage is key to any high-humidity terrarium or bioactive setup, you need to avoid water pooling and instead want it to be absorbed and wicked into the substrate of the enclosure through the base layer frame, maintaining humidity for longer. BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls are a fantastic way to create this reservoir as they are easy to use, just place them below the substrate with a layer of capillary matting between them. This substrate is particularly good for use with the BiOrb Earth 125 and BiOrb Earth substrates as it was designed with the BiOrb range in mind.

Can I use BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls in my terrarium?

While you can’t use BiOrb Earth Jungle Clay Balls on their own in any terrarium when used under any other high moisture substrate they can be used in any enclosure. Although the substrate has been designed for the BiOrb Earth 125 it can be used with all terrariums and vivariums.





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