BiOrb Earth Jungle Mix

A fantastic high humidity substrate for your terrarium

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  • Jungle substrate for high humidity terrariums
  • Rich with minerals that will disperse in your enclosure
  • Superb substrate for exotic plants
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There's no better jungle substrate than this, an absolute essential for jungle lizards.

What is BiOrb Earth Jungle Mix?

Earth Jungle Mix from BiOrb is a high humidity substrate for reptile and planted terrariums. Mineral-rich, this substrate has been specially formulated to support thriving plants in their growth and enrich the air within your terrarium to create the perfect conditions. The substrate comes in a 5ltr bag (1.3kg), which is plenty for most small and medium terrariums.

Why should I buy BiOrb Earth Jungle Mix?

If you want to create the ultimate planted terrarium and need a substrate for exotic jungle plants and reptiles, this mix is outstanding. This substrate is particularly good for use with the BiOrb Earth 125 and BiOrb Air range, as it was designed for use with the terrariums. It's also quite loose so it will improve irrigation, helping to fill your plants with the clear running water they need for superb growth.

How do I set up substrate in the base layer frame of my Oase Air?

To set up substrate in your BiOrb terrarium, such as a BiOrb Air enclosure, you will need to cover the base layer frame and then build up to a thickness of 5-10cm depending on how deep you want the substrate to be for your plants. You may want to mix two substrates in a bioactive setup, such as clay balls which help to improve drainage within tropical environments, to create a high quality multipurpose bioactive substrate.

Can I use this mix in my terrarium?

Yes, no matter what terrarium you are using you will be able to use this mix. While the mix has been designed for BiOrb terrariums, such as the BiOrb Earth and BiOrb Air range, it will still be effective and offer the perfect combination of minerals for rapid plant growth and great animal health.





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