BiOrb Earth Lotus Pod Root

Provide a naturalistic and rich environment

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  • Vivarium lotus root ornament that encourages natural feeding instincts
  • Suitable for desert and forest vivariums types
  • Easy to clean
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This ornament will complete your terrarium. It's perfect for geckos.

What is the BiOrb Earth Lotus Pod Root?

The BiOrb Lotus Seed Pod on Root is an artificial sculpture with stems, roots and lotus seed pods that help activate the instincts of your reptile. This resin ornament is suitable for all vivariums. As it is weighted, arboreal reptiles can climb on it, it can be cleaned easily, and it is decorative on all sides.

What are the benefits of this vivarium ornament?

The BiOrb Lotus Pod Root is perfect for feeding while also adding a natural element to your reptile enclosure. This vivarium ornament is finely detailed making it an interesting focal point. Using the hidden pockets in the Lotus Pod bark, you can easily hide food and other vitamins for your pet, encouraging them to eat as well as play just like they would in their natural habitat. Many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates love to climb, the Lotus Pod Root gives them plenty of climbing options to keep them stimulated.




16.3 x 13.2 x 24.5cm



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