Arcadia EarthPro Range

The Arcadia EarthPro Range is a new way of thinking about reptile supplements and offers a vast array of new vitamin and mineral powders that you can utilise. But it can be a little confusing to know what you really need for yours, or which you will need to work together.

The EarthPro Range has been designed to offer the actual natural minerals that reptiles require, rather than the man-made alternatives, that have been offered previously. Their aim is to ensure that a reptile is more than just surviving but thriving instead. Arcadia have their own supplement wheel which shows the best way in which to use their products, in order to ensure they are getting the right amounts at the right time.

Arcadia EarthPro Supplement Wheel

So what is in the EarthPro Range? The main aspect of the range is their supplements, which includes the EarthPro-A, EarthPro-Ca, EarthPro-CalciumPro Mg, and the EarthPro-ShedSupport.  But they also offer a range of complete foods, as well as complimentary foods, which can be used alongside a live food diet, for example. They also offer a substrate, as well as gut-loading and bioactive support, ensuring your entire enclosure is set up to the best it can be, providing a natural environment.

EarthPro-A is a vitamin and mineral supplement which can be used on almost every feed, which is based on a “full-spectrum mineral clay” that is naturally mined and therefore offering a true-life representation of the minerals within, rather than a laboratory produced one. This is the one to use on your daily feeding, as none of the included ingredients can be overused.

EarthPro-Ca is a pure calcium powder, nothing more or less than that. It is of a high quality and should be used as required, such as after breeding or illness, to boost calcium levels.

EarthPro-CalciumPro Mg is the same pure calcium powder, but with an added one part of magnesium supplement as well, to ensure that this is not overlooked. Within the Arcadia EarthPro Supplement Wheel, it is recommended that the CalciumPro Mg is used twice in an eight-day period, as more frequently could be detrimental. The use of magnesium within a reptile supplement is brand new and comes from the much better knowledge that we have now of MBD, and how and why it occurs.

EarthPro-ShedSupport contains a double dose of Vitamin B, alongside calcium and other minerals, helping the reptile from “the inside out”, and is designed to be used throughout the shed cycle, for up to 5 days.

Along with these vitamin and mineral supplements, the Earth Pro range also consists of a range of diets that you can provide to your reptiles, offering them the same great quality.

These foods include a specific diet for Omnivores, such as Bearded Dragons, Tegus and Blue-Tongue Skinks. The EarthPro-OmniGold is simply mixed with hot water and then left to cool, making a gel substance which can be fed to your lizard. It contains the perfect mix between vegetation and meat protein, from a mixture of vegetables and plants, as well as insects and fruits.

EarthPro-InsectiGold is a wholesome insect based diet for pure meat-eaters. They recommend this for Bearded Dragons, Chameleons and some Day Geckos as well. As with the OmniGold, this is just mixed with hot water and allowed to cool. A good trick is to roll the cooled gel into balls, which can then be rolled in front of the reptile, to mimic the movement associated with live food.

For geckos, such as Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos and many Day Gecko species, the EarthPro-StickyFootGold is the best choice, offering a mixture of 5 different insects alongside 5 different fruits, meaning you can provide this alongside live food to get a great varied diet. This is best used with the
, a powder food which can be mixed up as a jelly-pot diet, and will compliment each other perfectly.

Finally within this range is the EarthProAmphibiGold and EarthProTurtleGold, which are designed for aquatic species. These comes in a pellet form which sink to the bottom to allow for grazing. They contain a great mixture of fish, insects, plants and minerals to provide everything that your turtles, frogs or newts will need.

The last EarthPro range is the supplementary foods, which includes the DragonFuel, a full spectrum food sprinkle of plants, fruits, flowers and leaves, which is ideal for Beaded Dragons, Tortoises and Uromastyx, and can be fed as up to 10% of their diet. Similar is the FlowerBoost, which is a very similar product, but contains just Marigold, Hibiscus, Rose, Red Clover and Cornflowers.

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