Reptile artist, Hannah Shepherd

We recently shared the art work of Jay Manchand, who has been shortlisted for a Reptile Artist of the Year prize at The Reptile Report. Today, we can reveal that another one of our wonderful customers is also in the running for the creative prize. Here we look at Hannah Shepherd’s masterpieces.

Hannah Shepherd is a self-taught artist from Hailsham in East Sussex. She’s been making art daily since she was in secondary school. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t have a pen or pencil in her hand.

Hannah has kept reptiles for four years now, including a snow corn snake, wild type ball python, California king snake and two crested geckos.

“I started off looking after the prettiest, well-mannered corn snake I’ve ever known.” Hannah said.

“Until I met her, I hadn’t really thought about keeping a reptile as a pet, but from the first few days of getting to know my first snake’s inquisitive personality, I became more and more interested in them and realised that each one had a different quirky trait to offer. I couldn’t wait to get more! I did some research into different species you could own and our little collection then grew”.

After studying art in college she decided to continue making art herself, enjoying the freedom of being able to try different things without having art teachers to answer to!

She uses a mixture of media to create her artwork, with anything from digital art where she uses a computer program and graphics tablet to create paintings and illustrations, to more traditional art using pencil, ink and watercolours on canvas.

“The length of time it takes to create a piece all depends on the subject that I’m painting. There is no doubt that painting some reptiles requires a longer amount of time to paint with all their funky colours, scales and details to do but it is a wonderfully fun challenge!”

Hannah prefers to paint from photographs of people’s pets and regularly accepts commissions from reptile lovers keen to have some animal art work on their wall. Hannah does enjoy sketching from life on occasions though.

“From time to time I will enlist the help of our crested gecko, Nel, who struts about on my drawing pad for me to sketch a few angles that I need to get right”.

To see more of Hannah’s work, visit her  Facebook page. Click here to vote for her in the Reptile Artist of the Yearcompetition on The Reptile Report.


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