January Facebook competition: Third place

3rd Prize: £10 Credit

Goes to Michael Orchard, for his Madagascan Day Gecko.

This spectacular species is a firm favourite in the Swell Reptiles Office, with bright defining colours and contrasting patterns. The trade really highlights “high red” species, with stronger and more intense red patterning on their backs. They are a display pet rather than one for handling, due to their delicate skin. Ideally kept in an arboreal glass terrarium, which allows the height they need, as well as being able to create the rainforest environment that they require, with lots of plants and high humidity.

Recommended set up for these creatures would be a 90cm x 90cm Exo Terra, ideally used with an eco-drainage layer, live custodians, and a misting system. That combined with a great variety of live plants and climbing vines will provide the ideal habitat, and keep them happy and healthy.

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