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Live Food Christmas Update

livefood black field crickets

Swell Live foods are sent by Royal Mail and are sent directly from the breeder.The last day for live food delivery before Christmas is expected to be Tuesday, December 20.Please be aware orders for live food taken after 3pm on Tuesday, December 20, will not be dispatched until January 3rd.Our range of livefoods include: black field crickets, silent brown crickets, locusts, mealworms an...

Burmese pythons at the heart of it

Burmese Python

Burmese pythons could help treat heart disease according to researchers.Dr Leslie Leinwand, professor at the University of Colorado was originally curious about how Burmese pythons could go for long periods without food - and how their heart balloons after they eat.When these pythons do eat they eat a huge meal - as big as a deer - their organs can double in size and then go right back dow...

10 celebrity reptile owners


1. Elle Macpherson (supermodel) Bearded dragon2. Nicholas Cage (actor) Cobras3. Leonardo DiCaprio (actor) Tortoise and bearded dragon4. Alice Cooper (rock wildman) Boa constrictor5. Dominic Monaghan (actor) Various reptiles6. Michael Jackson (King of Pop) Snakes7. Slash (guitar hero) - pictured Snakes8. John McCain (US politician) Turtles9. Mark Owen (singer...

Dragon slayer

basking bearded dragon

A bearded dragon has become the latest Youtube sensation for her gaming skills.The beardie is a real pro at the Ant Crusher game on her owner's smartphone.She squashes the bugs with her tongue.The 57-second clip, entitled ‘Bearded Dragon playing Ant Crusher’ has been viewed 1.2 million times since it was uploaded last month.One viewer commented: “This is the best video ever u...

Anoles provide the answers

anole lizard

Through studying anole lizards, scientists have discovered that if we "re-set" time and started over, evolution would happen exactly the same.Boffins have long thought that small events like a certain bad winter, or a particular storm could have a disproportionate effect on evolution.But now Luke Mahler of the University of California believes that species evolve just the same regardless o...

Fossil revealed as tooth of largest and oldest Australian reptile


Scientists have linked a fossilized tooth to the biggest and oldest aquatic reptile to ever grace Australia.The tooth, first discovered in 1994 in Gippsland, Victoria, is believed to belong to the carnivore ‘pliosaurid’ , thought to have swam in southern Australia’s waterways.The ancient reptile was a whopping five metres in length and therefore 3m longer than its predecessor, a ple...

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