Tips when receiving live reptile food during cold weather

It’s fair to say that the majority of us have experienced the first real cold snap of the year over recent weeks. Unsurprisingly the cold weather can also impact your reptile’s live food particularly during the period of time that it is being delivered to you.

Here at Swell Reptiles, we try our very best to ensure that our live food arrives with you as warm as possible. To start, we use different packing methods depending on the severity of the weather such as the use of heat packs and insulation inside the outer cartons.

Despite this, upon arrival sometimes your live food will appear as if it has died. However, this is often not actually the case. In order to bring your live food around, upon receipt please follow the instructions below:

How to warm up reptile live food

  1. Unpack outer boxes immediately.
  2. Lay out all pre-packs so that air can circulate around them effectively.
  3. Place the pre-packs in a warm, dry place (preferably between 15 and 25 degree centigrade).
  4. NEVER apply external heat to livefoods. This includes heat pads/strips, shining lights on them etc. This is extremely important as warming livefoods too quickly will kill them.
  5. For bulk quantities, hold the bag horizontally and carefully ‘shuffle’ the bag to spread out the insects. Then leave the bag in a horizontal position to recover slowly in a warm room.
  6. Please allow plenty of time as it may take up to four hours in order for your insects to fully recover.

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