Workman finds snake in attic. Why can’t we all be that lucky?

The unexpected encounter happened whilst workman, Celfyn Chappell was checking over an empty flat in Ebbw Vale.

While opening the attic, a three foot snake fell on his head!

Mr Chappell recalls his surprise: “It was the last thing I expected to happen. At first I thought it was a toy snake. I realised it was real when it curled up.”

The RSPCA were informed and the snake, later identified as a king snake, given a drink of water until they arrived.

The reptile which is believed to be an escaped pet, fell from the attic when Tai Calon Community Housing’s staff member moved a bag.

RSPCA Inspector Sophie Daniels explains: “The snake just fell down on his head – he must have had quite a shock. He may have been missing for quite some months, so it is a surprise he has been able to survive on his own for this long.”

“The snake – an albino California king snake – is now in our care. He was quite cold and lethargic, so I warmed him up slowly and gave him a warm bath to help rehydrate him and he is much better now.”

According to neighbours, the previous tenants had a pet snake that went missing.

RSPCA Cymru has made an appeal for information in an effort to establish the snake’s owner as their only known telephone number is no longer working.

Anyone with any information about the snake is advised to call 0300 123 8018.

The team at Swell Reptiles we are very pleased that the snake was found and is now being cared for the RSPCA. Although we can’t help but wish that the next time one of us opens our attic, we are greeted by a king snake!


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