Blue Bug Gifts Plush Toy Chameleon

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They may not be as loveable as real reptiles but these plush toys certainly come close for the cuddle factor - great for kids who might not quite be ready for a real one yet, or just as a cute little reminder of a special reptile-relation.


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Product Information

Cuddly, cute and pretty realistic looking, this soft plush chameleon toy is available from Swell Reptiles at a discounted price, saving you money when picking the perfect gift for your reptile loving amigo!

Chameleons make a great first reptile pet, but for those not quite ready for it yet, this little fellow makes a great companion or the time being and for obvious reasons, doesn't require any feeding, heating or lighting.

Based on the stunning Jacksons Chameleon, it even features the distinctive 3 horns on his head and an accurate colour scheme too!

This toy even features bendable wires in the legs, allowing you to pose and posture your chameleon toy however you want!

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    Blue Bug Gifts Plush Toy Chameleon
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