Brian Barczyk Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber

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Produced by Brian Barczyk, this Coconut Fiber substrate bedding is designed for snakes, by one of the best known snake keepers in the hobby - giving you great quality and peace of mind.


  • Prime Reptile Fine Coconut Bedding 13l
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  • Reptile Prime Coconut Fibre - 26l
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Product Information

Reptile Prime Coconut Bedding is a fine, eco-friendly product that is made from the husks of coconuts. It can be safely composted, or recycled into potted plants or gardens, meaning you're not building up high waste volumes, but can get a secondary use from this great product.

This is an optimal substrate for terrariums that house reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates, and being completely natural means it can be used for any species, including with tropical or desert dwelling animals, and used either dry or damp. It does has superior humidity retention, and it naturally absorbs, and then breaks down, odor and any animal waste products.

Reptile Prime Coconut Bedding can be used as a standalone for an excellent substrate for plant growth in naturalistic terrariums. Better yet, it comes in a recyclable and reusable bag, meaning you're not wasting anything or contributing to plastic build up.

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