Callington Mite Reptile Enclosure Insecticide

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Callington Mite Spray Reptile Insecticide is made to a unique formula that is safe to reptiles. It is designed to kill and control mites without any need to rinse off the treatment after use. The aerosol spray allows easy application of the treatment in a fine mist that penetrates the crevices of the enclosure and the eye lid area of the reptile


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Product Information

Callington Mite Spray Enclosure Insecticide for reptiles features a cleverly developed formula that's safe to use around your reptile.

This is one of the most popular treatments for mites, as tt treats their environment for mites rather than the reptile directly, in the form of an aerosol mist that reaches every area of your reptile's habitat to kill off the mites and deter future infestations.

Callington Mite Enclosure Insecticide:

  • Effectively kills and controls mites
  • No need to rinse off after application
  • Aerosol spray easy for application
  • Fine mist penetrates the enclosure crevice and reptile eye lid area
  • Propellant is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Toxic for cats

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