Club moss, Selaginella sp.

An African evergreen plant for your terrarium

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  • A hardy mat plant for homes and terrariums
  • Ideal for all warm and shady areas
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain
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If you’re looking for something a little different to cover the floor in a terrarium, Club moss is ideal. Its distinctive appearance will really make your terrarium stand out.

What is Club moss?

Club moss (also known as Selaginella or Mat spike moss) is a bush native to Africa and the Azores. It is an evergreen plant that will quickly cover the floor of most terrariums with luscious vegetation. Although it is called a moss, Club moss is actually an evergreen perennial that looks more like a typical plant before spreading across the floor of your enclosure.

How do you keep Club moss alive?

Club moss likes a fairly high heat and a good amount of water, as long as there is plenty of drainage to prevent root and leaf rot. It handles extreme cold poorly and will need to be heated during the winter. It shouldn’t require much pruning or upkeep.

What is Club moss good for?

Club moss is mostly used to create a carpet in terrariums, flower pots and rockeries. As it covers most surfaces with fern-like leaves it can create a very natural and sophisticated look that is immediately eye-catching. Club moss will also absorb water, maintaining humidity levels and soothing animals during shedding.





Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture

Well-drained but moist

Ideal pH

Acidic to neutral

Ideal substrate

Loam or other loose soil

Ideal light

Sheltered with partial shade

Country of Origin

Azores and Africa

Ideal temperature

Above 10C

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