Designer Morphs Western Hognose Snakes

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For serious breeders of morphs, John Berry's Designer Morphs are the industry Bible when it comes to Hognoses. Learn about everything there is to know about this special little snake.


  • Western Hognose Snakes
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Providing the reader with essential information and knowledge for the exemplary care of the Western Hognose snake and the morphs that can be produced, this book: Designer Morphs - Western Hognose Snakes by respected author J R Berry is a must-have for Hognose enthusiasts and especially owners.

Giving detailed and concise information on the breeding of hognose morphs, this book guides the reader through giving the best care while telling them how to achieve each morph and mutation.

It includes easy to read chapters on every aspect of hognose husbandry, including the housing, feeding and breeding of Hognoses, as well as highlighting common medical maladies which may occur while your hognose if in your care.

Great for identification and for getting perfect morph results, this book is jammed with 200 pages of fantastic information, featuring over 260 colour-images to aid identification.

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