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ECO Ball Pythons in Captivity (Professional Breeder Series)

The best care for Ball pythons

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  • ECO Ball pythons in Captivity care book
  • Captive care and breeding information for snakes
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced hobbyists
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Part of the Professional Breeder series, Eco Ball Pythons in Captivity by Kevin McCurley is an informative delight for any royal python enthusiast, giving them all the knowledge they need to take superb care of their Royal Python as they enter into the world of snake breeding.

Kevin's expertise are arguably unparalleled - the owner or New England Reptile Distributers, Kevin has poured over twenty years of valuable Ball Python experience into the 101 pages in ECO Ball Pythons in captivity, allowing beginners and budding experts alike the information they need to care for their pythons as they enter into a perfected breeding programme, yielding larger egg clutches and the morphs they desire.

Together with over 140 colour photos included in the book, the information available will guide the reader through all aspects of royal python care, including habitat setup, lighting, food, healthcare and of course, breeding - a must for anybody looking to care for a royal or expand their knowledge further.

ISBN 978-0-9767334-8-x

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