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ECO Bearded Dragons in Captivity (Professional Breeder Series)

Extend your knowledge about Bearded dragons in captivity

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  • The best Bearded dragon guide book
  • With expert advice, keep your Beardie happy and healthy
  • Ideal for practical beginners and hobbyists
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If you are thinking about keeping Bearded Dragons, or are simply looking to extend your knowledge about Beardies and their care in captivity, there are few better books to keep handy then Allen Repashy's Bearded Dragons In Captivity, published by ECO.

Inside its' 80 pages, you will find over 74 colour prints as well as more than enough information for you to thoroughly care for every aspect of your bearded dragon's habitat and health.

The importance of this book cannot be overstated, as while bearded dragons have dramatically increased in popularity, their standard of care are often low, as often people research too little into their specific care needs, meaning that problems like MBD and various other deficiencies are prevalent among the bearded dragon population, as well as abandonment due to an inability to care for them.

That's not to say that bearded dragons make difficult pets - on the contrary! They are fantastic reptiles to have and to home, all they need is the right care and attention, and this book will teach you how to do it with ease!

Not only does this book cover the care of your bearded dragon, but it covers dragon breeding too, allowing you to achieve stunning morphs such as tiger-striped or lemon snow morphs, right from your own home.

The tips are also useful for keeping other lizards, like Rankin's dragon.

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