ECO Chameleons in Captivity (Professional Breeder Series)

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Learn everything you need to know about your chameleon from this book: Chameleons in Captivity by Eco - a great read, informative and at a great price from Swell Reptiles.


  • The Chameleon in Captivity (by Connie Dorval)
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There are few reptiles as rewarding to keep as a Chameleon, and this book, Chameleons in Captivity by C Dorval and published by Eco as part of their Professional Breeder Series, will allow you to give the very best care to your chameleon, covering all aspects of chameleon husbandry and breeding.

A rainforest reptile, chameleons need their environment to simulate the rainforests of their origin as best as possible to thrive, and this book will tell you all the tricks of the trade to achieve this.

Knowledge is the key, and the more you know the better your colourful friend's life will be, making them more likely to breed when you choose to introduce a mate.

Their needs aren't too difficult to achieve, but without them, they can develop problems very quickly, and so this book is great to keep handy as a reference book for when things don't go quite to plan.

So take a chameleon short-course over 71 pages, illustrated by 73 colour photos and written by an expert, all for a low price at Swell Reptiles.

ISBN 978-0-9767334-3-9

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    Date 11/04/2020 08:04am
    ECO The Chameleon in Captivity (by Connie Dorval)
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    This book is so good,there is everything you need to know about chameleons if you thinking about getting one.