Euro Rep Basking Spot Lamp BC

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This bayonet EuroRep Basking Spot Lamp BC replicates the heat of the sun for your reptile, but can be placed in a single position for your reptile to move under if it starts to feel a little chilly.


  • Basking Spot Lamp 100w BC
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Product Information

Most reptiles require plenty of heat and light from above, and while in the wild the sun provides this, in captivity you need a heat spot bulb like this Euro Rep Basking Spot Lamp.

A major established brand within the reptile keeping community, Euro Rep have poured their experience and love of reptiles into these heat spot lamps, in 60w and 100w bayonet cap sizes, and both are available from Swell Reptiles at our fantastically discounted prices.

Great as a day-time basking bulb, these Bayonet Cap Euro Rep Basking Spot Lamps kick out plenty of essential UVA light (different to UVB which needs to be provided from another source), creating an intense spot of heat in which your reptile can bask when it feels cold, increasing blood circulation and helping them to thermos-regulate.

A powerful reptile bulb, it also helps to increase the ambient air temperature, but is best at providing an intense heat spot, with a clear, natural and slightly yellow light.

As always, order yours from Swell Reptiles to get the best prices and the fastest delivery options.

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Euro Rep Basking Spot Lamp 100w BC n/a

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    Euro Rep Basking Spot Lamp 100w BC
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    Euro Rep Basking Spot Lamp 100w BC
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