Euro Rep Natural Calcium

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Euro Rep Natural Calcium is a dietary supplement containing no phosphorus. A natural source of Calcium is needed by your reptile to build healthy bones, shells and skeletons and with this supplement you can simply dust your live food or veg to get it into their diet.


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Product Information

A natural reptile food supplement that can really benefit your reptile's health, Euro Rep Natural Calcium Carbonate comes in handy 250g tubs for adding to your reptile's food source, either on livefood, pellets or fresh fruit and veg.

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is important to your reptile's overall health and wellbeing. Pure and natural, it comes in the form of a milled dust for applying to your reptiles food with a light dusting.

Natural sources of things like Calcium Carbonate are needed by your reptile for strong bones, joints and hard shells for tortoises.

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    Euro Rep Pure Calcium Carbonate 250g
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    Euro Rep Pure Calcium Carbonate 250g
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