Exo Terra Analogue Thermometer

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Temperature is a huge factor for most reptiles, to keep a keen eye on this Analogue Thermometer by Exo Terra - handily placed in your vivarium or terrarium to give you accurate readings at a glance, letting you know if your heating system is too hot or cold for your reptile.


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Product Information

Getting the temperature right in your reptile's terrarium or vivarium is incredibly important to your reptile's health, and you can monitor it accurately with an Exo Terra Analogue Thermometer from Swell Reptiles at the best prices.

Heat needs to be at the right level for your reptile's body to operate properly, from digestion to circulation, and so accuracy is important for providing the best environment for your reptile, and a great starting point is an Exo Terra Analogue Thermometer.

Well made, light weight and accurate, they are best used in pairs to be placed in both the cold and hot end of your reptile's environment, or singularly somewhere in the middle.

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