Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat

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This is a great result of researching in Madagascar with the Exo Terra Expedition teams. Its great for a huge variety of species, reptiles and amphibians, and comes in two sizes for optimum flexibility.


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Product Information

This Naturalistic Glass Terrarium Kit comes with either a Small 30cm x 30cm x 45cm or Large 45cm x 45cm x 60cm Glass Terrarium, complete with the compact top, and is a great set up for Geckos, and other similar Madagascan species as well.

This includes the 3D Bamboo Background, giving a great natural environment for geckos, and also have a Bamboo Ornament, which is great for providing food and water to your reptiles. Not only are these interactive and useful in the environment, but also provide a really natural enclosure that your reptiles can really thrive in!

There is also a Thermometer and Hygrometer, to ensure you can check them temperatures and humidity levels at all times and ensure they are always perfect, and keep your species in tip top condition and health. There is also a Moss mat, great to help with humidity and keep these reptiles in the conditions they really need to be in.

Kit Includes :

Full Glass Terrarium
Compact Top - Fluorescent Terrarium Canopy
3D-Bamboo Background
Bamboo Ornament (with feeding & watering station)
Moss Mat
Exo Terra Catalogue

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    Date 29/07/2017 02:07am
    Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Small
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    Arrived quickly and in great condition. Came with almost everything you need for setup and the background looks great. My crestie could not be happier!
  • Rating
    Date 07/09/2017 12:09pm
    Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Large
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    Quality and suitability everytime