Exo Terra Breeding Box

Breeding reptiles in a safe, neutral environment

At a glance...
  • Stackable breeding boxes ideal for transport
  • Side-angled ventilation slits
  • Large door for easy access
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Breeding most reptiles often requires a safe, neutral environment in which to introduce the breeding pair to each other, and this can be done easily with an Exo Terra Breeding Box from Swell Reptiles.

Not only do these Exo Terra Breeding boxes make it easy to transport your reptile for breeding and for veterinary check-ups, but they allow you to see what's going on during the breeding process, ensuring that no harm comes to either reptile during this potentially stressful time.

It also features a transparent viewing lid that doubles as a feeding and watering hatch too. Each unit is stackable so also doubles as a presentation box!

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods.
  • Special feeding door.
  • Stackable for display or breeding purposes.
  • Side-angled ventilation slits.
  • Large door for easy access.
  • Clear plastic terrarium.


Product Dimensions
Breeding Box (Small) L:20.5 x D:20.5 x H:14cm
Breeding Box (Medium) L:30 x D:20 x H:15cm
Breeding Box (Large) L:41.5 x D:26.5 x H:14.8cm
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